The Way of Jesus

Our Vision as a Church is “To Know Jesus and Make Jesus Known”. As we go through this series in the Gospel of Luke, we will answer the question: “Who is Jesus?” Which means this series will help those exploring Christianity, or interested in following Jesus, or young in their faith to know who He is, and what it means to follow Him.

Our Church is also on a Mission to Make Disciples. This series will focus on Jesus’ life, teachings and ministry - The Way of Jesus -  and will help and encourage us to know what being a Disciple of Jesus looks like, and how to grow to live out this new Way, as His followers.

Double Take Durban

We live in a beautiful City, filled with many incredible people, cultures and places! But for us, it is also the Context for us where we follow Jesus. And that's a big deal, because: Place matters! Together, we are serious about following Jesus, and 'Being the Church' (not just 'Doing Church') in this City, at this time. So, we want to think about what it means to follow Jesus in Durban today. And, in January 2017 we're going to be asking the God who has put us in Durban, to put Durban into our hearts.

We Are Red Point Durban

WE ARE RED POINT DURBAN is a series focusing us as a Church on our Vision, Mission and Cultures. This is all about who we are and where we're going. So, whether you're old or new here, we trust that God will shape us together as a Church Community to live out what He has called us to do in Durban and beyond.

The Story of God

The Story of God is a very ambitious Preaching Series. In it we will spend 7 weeks, looking at the BIG STORY of the Bible AND Human History from the beginning of the Bible and Time in Genesis 1 to the Future that is still to come in Revelation 22. In this series we really ZOOM OUT and look at the Big Picture of the Bible, and then zoom in and connect our lives to His BIG STORY.

The Book of James

James 2 2016.jpg

The Book of James is a letter written by Jesus' younger brother, on living out our faith. James is passionate about True Religion and he doesn’t have any time for Hypocrites. He is passionate to see men and women who are serious about Jesus and about living out his teachings in all of life. His letter to us has been described as the "Proverbs of the New Testament" because it is so practical and down to Earth. We're excited to study this book together and to let its teaching and wisdom shape us as a community.

The Other Six Days

This Series will be a practical series, looking at how the message and ways of Jesus re-shapes how we Work, what our Marriages look like, how we do Family-life, the Mission we live with, and the heart behind it all. We are trusting that this series will help every believer to better apply the Gospel to every area of life, and to live out their faith everywhere they go.

The Good News About Christmas

The Christmas Story is well known in our world - Donkeys, Wise Men, the Star, Angels, the Virgin Birth, Shepherds and the Manger. But really, the Christmas Story is about what God has been doing throughout time. And Matthew 1 teaches us about the Bigger, Historical story of Christmas and Gods Good News.

Awe & Wonder

In this 4 week series, we are exploring the Psalms to develop a greater Hunger for God. The Psalms are the Prayer and Song book of the Bible and the people of God, expressing the realities of human emotion and experience as we seek to know and walk with God.


We are spending 6 weeks, on 6 unrelated, one-off topics that we believe God is speaking to us about as a Church. These are 6 doses of truth into the life of us as a Community that will shape, strengthen and encourage us as we go forward together.

Our 2 Year Anniversary!

On Sunday 16 August 2015 we celebrated 2 Years of Gods Goodness to us as a Church. We looked back at the highlights of the last 2 years, and looked ahead with excitement to the role God has called us to play in the City of Durban and beyond. We have been reconciled to reconcile, and God is at work in and trough us not just to reconcile people, but all things to Himself.

Heart Skipped A Beat

Movies and the world around us have a lot to say about love and relationships, but in this series we explore the scriptures and see what they have to say about Marriage, Sex, Dating and Singleness.

We Will Become

Jesus calls all Christians to be on mission. Yet, we often weigh up our own concerns, and over-complicate our mandate by searching the technicalities to tr y and avoid being on mission. Idols and all that we hold precious prevent us from moving in the direction God wants us in. 

Our preaching series We Will Become goes into what a life on mission looks like; whether it's removing our idols and reorientation ourselves around Jesus, or simply knowing what the Gospel and God's heart for the lost really looks like.

Tough Questions

Tough Questions is a once a month series dedicated to exploring the tough questions posed towards Christianity. The series seeks to answer these questions for people inquiring about the faith, as well as equipping people in the community to answer these questions when they're asked by people who aren't Christians.

Sermon on the Mount

The Greatest sermon ever was the sermon Jesus preached to multitudes from a Mount. He sets the Kingdom standard for us Christians to live while we're here on earth. His challenging words still change us today, and are still relevant as if He were speaking to us now.