Our Beliefs

Churches can vary in lots of different ways, but to join and become a member, you must hold to its beliefs. We can vary on style and culture, but we must be united in our beliefs! RED POINT Church seeks to be a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, Gospel-centered, Missional, Devotional Community.


We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us. It tells us all we need to know to live life in this world with and for God. It shows us our place in God’s story, from the creation in Genesis, to the new creation in Revelation. It tells us about life and death, right and wrong, joy and suffering, marriage and work, how to relate to God and people, and everything else. We don’t want to add anything to it, or subtract anything from it. But we want all it has to say.


We believe that God still speaks, acts, moves and works in our world. We believe in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit that the Bible describes and that these are still given to and used by people in our world today. We also believe that this life and activity of God is a vital part of Church life and involvement. Charismatic believers live in the Spirit, are guided by the Spirit and are empowered by the Spirit to accomplish God’s purposes. We want to hear God’s voice and respond to His leading us forward into all that He has for us as a Church.


At the heart of all we are and all we believe is “Jesus Christ and him crucified” (1 Corinthians 2v2) – who He is and what He has done for us. The Gospel is the ‘Good News’ of a way to be right with God. Friends! Adopted children! Co-workers! The Gospel is the message for our world separated from God by sin that there is hope and a second chance, found in Jesus’ own death on the cross. The Gospel is the message that shapes our thinking, acting and living. We want the Gospel message to be at the Center of our Church, and every member’s life.


We believe that the Church has a purpose, and we want every member to play their part in fulfilling that purpose. Jesus gave us the Great Commission in Matthew 28v18-20, calling us to share His message and make disciples in every nation, to teach them to obey Him, and to baptize them as an act of the work He had already done in their lives. We want to obey Jesus’ command both locally and globally – in our city and around the world. We do this by engaging our culture and world, equipping every believer to share and live out the Gospel, through social justice and sending and supporting people around the world who are planting new Churches, training leaders, making disciples and sharing the Gospel. 
We believe that every believer has a role to play in both Mission and Mercy.


We want to be a Church that is God-centered with our entire lives, and fully devoted to Him in all we do. The Greatest Commandment is to love God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength (Mark 12v30), and we want to live lives of devotion in its entirety. We do this by spending frequent time alone with God, where we read and meditate on the scriptures and pray, and then go out and live lives of obedience and purpose. All our time, talents, skills, possessions, money, opportunities and everything we have is His, and we devote our lives fully to Him by holding everything with open hands before God, that He should use as He sees fit.


The Church is a spiritual family that exists together for mission. The Bible gives us a number of metaphors for the Church (a body, an army, a family, a temple, a priesthood and a bride) which help to shape our understanding of what a Church is, and the role that we are to play as members of the Church. In the Church community, everyone has different gifts and abilities and a role to play to serve the greater. As a community, we meet together regularly, have leadership that take us forward into the purposes of God, share our lives, care for one another, warmly love each other and those visiting with us, and share our faith with the world around us.