A Living Sacrifice

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During the course of our series through Romans 12, we seek to understand Paul’s heart for the Christian Church to work in unity with the gifts Jesus has given each believer for the building of the Church. We hope that as we go through this series, the gifts God has given you will be stirred to activation and that you are encouraged through faith to live your life as a Living Sacrifice!

Whiter than Snow

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Come and join us on a journey through Psalm 51: David's famous psalm of repentance and lament over his sin towards God, and his response to the mercy and compassion that God has not just shown him, but shown all of us. We're looking forward to allowing God to do a deep work of transformation in our lives, and anticipating the effect this will have on the lives of those around us. Join us on Sundays and in Life Groups as we dig into this subject together.


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Journey with us on Sunday mornings and weekly in your Life Groups as we go through the Book of Acts. In this book, we are drawn to the movement of Jesus through His Spirit Empowered Church, and it is with this focus that we approach the chapters in Acts. Our prayer and hope is that as we go through this record of history, Jesus will begin to activate His Church in the spheres we find ourselves in this City.

Redemption Stories

From cover to cover, from page to page, the Bible lists comeback story after comeback story. God's incredible grace and redemption through Jesus has saved people and used them for extraordinary works to further make a difference to this world, and He's not finished. God still does this today, and REDEMPTION STORIES are times together where we can listen to these personal stories from people, give glory to God for what He has done and see other people ministered to as testimony is shared.




Chris & Meryl Wienand have a long history of ministry and accountability to RED POINT Church. Over this weekend, they spend their ministry time delving into the psychology behind our relationships, and how through this lens of understanding your past, you can apply the love of Jesus in an understanding way to your spouse, future spouse, or even the relationships you have with those around you.

FAITH - Hebrews 11

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Hebrews 11 begins with a simple explanation of what Faith is; The Substance of Things Hoped for, the Evidence of Things Unseen. As we unpack this great Chapter of Faith, we will be looking into the lives that have gone before us, who have made huge faith steps that God called them into, and saw incredible fruit as God used them to save whole nations and bring God's Salvation. Join us on this exciting journey through their lives as we are encouraged in the faith journey God has planned for our lives.

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