Upcoming Events

Here you will find all the upcoming events happening at RED POINT Church, as well as how to sign up to get involved.
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Alpha Course

Starting Wednesday, 02 October at 6:30PM is our second Alpha Course for 2019. Alpha is a relaxed, open and welcoming space for those exploring the questions to life's biggest mysteries, and introduces them to the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom.
Should you or someone you know wish to attend the Introductory Dinner, you can RSVP online here: https://rpchrch.co/alpha2019

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Propel: Growth

As the Propel Growth course continues towards October, we have made R40 monthly once off ticket purchases available for those who cannot attend the entire duration of the course. Individual tickets can be purchased online here: rpchrch.co/propel2019


Pay with Zapper


We've partnered with Zapper to make payments to the Church a lot easier. You can follow these steps to get started:
1) Open your phones App Store, search for and download 'Zapper'
2) Open the app, load your credit or debit card details
3) Scan the code on the right
4) Enter the amount you wish to pay and reference what you are paying for.
- It's as simple as that!

Alternatively, if you are needing technical help, you're more than welcome to visit our payment desk on a Sunday

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