Upcoming Events

Here you will find all the upcoming events happening at RED POINT Church, as well as how to sign up to get involved.
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Foundations Course

Starting 01 March for four weeks after the 9AM service, we will be running a Foundations Course to help you grow and mature in your understanding and faith in Jesus. If you're interested in joining, sign up at the information desk on Sunday morning


Men’s Breakfast with Tom Basson

Come and join us on Friday, 8 March at 6:30AM for an amazing breakfast together and a short talk with Tom Basson. Tom is a husband, father and a South African Obstacle Course champion living in Umhlanga. Be sure to purchase your tickets on Quicket and book a spot for you and your mates for this time. R35 tickets available here: https://rpchrch.co/2WNinLo


Alpha - Volunteers

For Life Groups still wanting to volunteer to serve at ALPHA, please follow the link below and choose your day: http://signup.com/go/eBfSwYp


Pay with Zapper


We've partnered with Zapper to make payments to the Church a lot easier. You can follow these steps to get started:
1) Open your phones App Store, search for and download 'Zapper'
2) Open the app, load your credit or debit card details
3) Scan the code on the right
4) Enter the amount you wish to pay and reference what you are paying for.
- It's as simple as that!

Alternatively, if you are needing technical help, you're more than welcome to visit our payment desk on a Sunday

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