Upcoming Events

Here you will find all the upcoming events happening at RED POINT Church, as well as how to sign up to get involved.
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Passion - Propel Women's Course

Propel Women exists to activate and refuel women living on mission. As women, we are called to live lives of purpose, potential and PASSION! This next series is all about defining and developing our God-given passion to infuse into our lives and the lives of others. Once a month, we meet as a community to have deliberate conversation on this topic. Join us to be part of this life changing series over these next 6 months.

Purchase your tickets here: http://qkt.io/PropelWomen2018

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RED Café & Food Market

This Saturday, 24 March from 8AM-1PM, come and join the community for a fantastic breakfast, waffles, milkshakes, a legendary coffee or a yummy pizza’s. While you wait for your food, why not browse among the traders selling amazing homemade food products. It's a great atmosphere of fun, food and fellowship for the whole family. Invite your friends!


Pay with Zapper


We've partnered with Zapper to make payments to the Church a lot easier. You can follow these steps to get started:
1) Open your phones App Store, search for and download 'Zapper'
2) Open the app, load your credit or debit card details
3) Scan the code on the right
4) Enter the amount you wish to pay and reference what you are paying for.
- It's as simple as that!

Alternatively, if you are needing technical help, you're more than welcome to visit our payment desk on a Sunday

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